Aug 12, 2009

Cinta LOL

love is the most melancholy feeling in this world. it affect and effects our lives. when it comes to love, just look how many subjects has been touched by it. in films, songs, poetry, books and a lot more. to describe love, there are many egs. have been used. love is blind. love like a fart. love is like eating sambal belacan. blablabla.

so what is really love? love in family,siblings, husband and wife. from a boy to a girl. there are many type of love. in Syurga Cinta, there are 3 types of love. WAIT. Syurga Cinta? KANTOI. ngaha. (bila kasanova2 myspace berkumpul di bawah satu bumbung, dari pau rokok masing2 sehingga menonton Syurga Cinta pun boleh terjadi.) first, love made of setan. second love made from jin. and lastly, true love. jodoh from God Himself.

i've experienced love effing many times. yeah, effing many... and its a long ago. not that ago lah. 2 3 tahun jew~(ade huruf w!) i've tasted the pleasure, the sacrifice, the pain and all that matters in love. senang cakap, perkara standard ketika bercinta.

yes, love is blind. when we are in love, we see nothing except the one we love. we forgot about our passion. barely forgetting friends. lost judge in money expenses. just the image of our lover~(dalam amerika perkataan lover boleh disama erti dengan teman seks - notis ini tiada tujuan apa2) we focused entirely 110% to the one we love. morning night, twenty-four seven.

yes, love is like a fart. when we hold it, we always feel uneasy, resah gelisah am i rite? atau orang suka tahan kentut nih? when we 'put' or 'brroot' it, ah~ sensational. satisfaction i might say. dan sebagai tambahan, bila kentut dilepaskan, hanya satu persoalan di kepala. busuk ke tidak kentutnya.

my friends, most of them had already have a partner. maybe some of them are having their first relationship. some others second, third, and maybe another for the time being, bajet casanova at myspace.

and most of them end up typically. ada yang sikit2 bangun balik carik lain. selamba adap jorang lah. aku taleh halang. and my personal message to icad, i thought last year i already told you about your thang. refer my old post this and this and as i expected. well, faham2 lah apa yang aku expectkan? eventho im not very clear about your situation,(sebab ko xnk citer,haha) just be strong and don't do what bros never do. even perkara yang kau rasa tiada apa2, tapi mungkin effect kan pihak yang lain. don't always emo and end up post it at the blog. thats kinda lame. tell us, your FRIENDS.

back to the question is. referring to Syurga Cinta, what type of love are you having now? is it syaitan? cinta yang berlandaskan nafsu manja, pembaziran duit, cabaran kawan, atau desakan hidup untuk mempunyai teman kerana cemburu dengan couple yang lain?

or jin? which is one sided love. but in time, with specifics struggle the none exist feelings can be made. both of this type is false love. they will end up hurt. tak puas hati. bergaduh. blablabla.

whatever it is, when love is in our hand. lean on it. appreciate it. pleasure it. whatever crucial time you are having, always believe in love. love is eternal happiness.

and the winner is.. God Himself. the One Who Knows It All.