May 10, 2010

Things To Write Upon

salam semua.

first of all let me get this opportunity to promote my very new blog of my brother. lowt a.k.a muadz. just like me, he also have a nickname but the difference is, he only had one which is 'lowt'...and me got plenty! (abam,azam,key,dolah etc)

and this is his link : (ini dah blog yg keberape punye daaa...)

poyo nak mampos kan? it also made me think, how about me change my link to keawesomanku.blogspot...or kecoolnessanku.blogspot... baru synchronized beb! adik-beradik dolah ftw! but i think my current link pon dah cukup poyo dah. haha. dia poyo jepun, aku poyo cool. got some blood relation goin on there heh?


my new semester resolution:

1. living with new housmates. find friends that can help me find my studentself back. i played a lot. like fucking lot.

2. managing time between studies and passion. suprising thing is, this year both of it have a lot of important things goin on.

3. keep in motion. don't want to play around. do the assignments, projects, group
works, settle the unsettled things. tell myself i am still a student

4. pointer target both gpa n cgpa above 3.


okay. i got this feedback recently which made me think. (im grateful for it actually)

"you look serious"

i was like okaay...thats new, i like! actually there are people see me as a delinquent, gangster, serious person...quite cool hahahaha. i am being respected and feared..hoho


i dont like it anymore, actually there are by some extent true. sometimes i behave in a more serious way. yes now maybe a lot of people think its not a problem, and i simply know that but hey... its just not the total of myself.

i don't wanna be serious, i wanna be fun, playful, spontaneous and life.

it made me think. people tend to get serious by getting older. so they think that being serious comes with being mature(adult). that is bullshit. okay if you are something like 50 you have to be more serious because you cant just jumping around over gaps or flipping awesomely or something like that. but come on, we are between 20 and 30. physically we are in our best age...

we get more serious because we get more responsibility in life. responsibility to ourselves, and other people. the responsbility increases to an extent it creates a reaction that makes us behave in a more serious way.

but why?

if you have more responsibility, you have to be more responsible and not more serious! is this some kind of natural reaction that comes with responsibility? if you dont behave seriously, you are automatically considered to be childish and in another paradigm, its even integrated to the society and in our mindset, malayyy mindset.

i say this is bullshit! fuck it! be fun, enjoy life and at the same time, be responsible!

"You dont stop playing because you get older, but you get old because you stop playing."

ever wonder why some people including me like to refer themselves awesome or cool?

maybe they are just pure perasan or maybe there are certain events that make them think they are cool, and also maybe they just want to poyo around well the answer is depends on them. me?


well my life is full of shit and i'm still getting hang of with it. isn't that awesome..and i am not serious!