May 27, 2010

Stress (2)

salam semua

it have been many times i've encountered this situation. yet, i am cool enough to bear with it. wee~


even if, no, eventhough i am the coolest person in this very world, i am still an imperfect human being. i fucked up. i got lost. i almost injured myself today. but, thanks to my lecturer's pray, i became lazy and went to sleep...o yeah!

as i woke up from my short rest, nothing changed...god i hate this feeling! i'm fuckin frustrated! so i made a plan. i planned a journey. a journey to overcome my burden. a journey that i can find an answer where the question is, i don't even know yet..

somehow, i felt that i'm counselling myself. hoho...(i'm famous in caunselling people during my school days yo)

so i planned to go somewhere random. whenever i feel left, i'll turn to left, whenever i feel right, i'll go right. but, i don't want to take a risk of getting lost, i've a fuckin class for the next of the day. so me just plan blindly to go to Melaka. ngiahahaha.

i geared up myself with my damn cool Nike sweater, an earphone attached to my handphone, my friend's selipar..(selipar aku tertinggal kat rumah, celake!). i started my journey using my friend's ride. i hope, that i would find myself any spot that is peaceful and rich with greens for the needs of my mind, my soul. maybe, if there is luck, i will also meet a girl that is fuckin cute and also seeking peace like me. maybe we could the best damn friends ever...making things work...and who knows, maybe we're destinied to get married and having a son named Mokhtar...

i laughed like a crazy person in a middle of the road as i playing with my imagination. ngiahahaha.

atleast it's a good start meh~

due to some circumtances, i changed my plan. i decided to go to Nilai rather than Melaka. fuckin jauh kot. belakang aku dah la sakit! naik motor pulak tuhh.

at Nilai i started taking random junctions, left, right, u-turn, roundabout two times...but it seems all the roads are quite familiar to me...damn, ni la akibat selalu merayau cari life! i've seen some signboards that are quite funny such as Batang Benar! haha, dulu tempat Baem ada Batang Berjuntai...kat sini Batang Benar... what is wrong with Malaysia haaa?

as i having myself a nice view of the life of Bandar Baru Nilai's citizen, then i saw a very nostalgic name, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. ah...its been what? 4 to 5 years i haven't visit the place. that is the place where i having my school life. this is where my golden age was born! on the way there, i flashbacked some happy memories when i was at Form 3. damn, what a year i have.. at first, i quite worried if i won't manage to get myself to enter the school..


it looks like the Pak Guard is the same Pak Guard since i was Form 3! the Nyanyok Pak Guard! huahuahua, damn no life he i successfully enter to my the school and coincidently, my phone played one of the song from the Epik High band, my favourite group from Korea. their song is addicting! the meaning of the song that has been played got nothing to do with the situation, but the beats and rhythm somehow gives the mood as i enter to my old school.

so i spent my time for about 1 hour wandering around through the school. my classroom, my friend's class, my favourite spot, the library, the hall..field. a lot of things haven't changed. yet there are also many things changed. now each class have its own projector and sound system, wtf? so rich! i took some pictures as memories..honestly i became sentimental at that time. i even wanna cryyyy....if i'm not an awesome person maybe i've already cry that time. woho!

i remembered a scene from a japanese drama, Proposal Daiskusen where the two main actors(couple) went to their old school and having a nostalgic chat..with such a cool views of their class...that feeling is the exact the same during that time only the different thing is, i'm all by myself...fak.

i felt calm..and relax. macam lepak dalam spa..this is what i want, this is what i need. i have found the answer of my unknown question. i am..relieved.

but still, there is a dissapoinment. i still haven't find myself a fuckin cute girl who believe in world peace during my awesome short journey. well, some later time.

being satisfied, i rempit around the neighbour without wearing my helmet, udara kat sana segar gila woh!sejuk! i searched for the place where i've always hanging around with my friends whenever we are skipping our class and yatta! there it is! Restoran Sri Salak. ; the same old lady, the same tables,chairs...damn suddenly i feel like an old person. aku baru 20 tahun kot! oh ye, mee sup die still sedap baiiiiiiii! even better, they sell Mountain Dew~~


if the previous post is about how i got my stressed up, this post is telling about how i handle my problems with my own way. the question is, how strong we are to face the difficulties in life.?cause there will be someday, there are nobody even your loved ones won't be there when you are in need. there will someday you have to face the problems by your ownself. and how do you react with it? are we gonna give up half way and becoming a loser or we get back up on our feet to fight for it.? i've many friends that are lost. they gave up half way, quitting from studies, work and being aimless. but one by one, i see all of them started to do what they are suppose to do, started back from the beginning. alhamdulillah, atleast it's an effort. people doesn't go to next floor by counting the stairs, but they step on it, one by one. and i pray for their successfulness.

have faith in Allah, have faith in Him. i started my journey also because of the idea given from Him. and you guys wanna know the best part? in my class, 3a1 a.k.a 3 Iman, on the green board, there is a quote written by the student ;

"Allah tak akan menolong hambaNya sekiranya dia tidak menolong diri sendiri"

isn't that truly awesome...