Apr 22, 2010


salam semua

here i am now back in the blog world with my original intention was being moody for some complicated circumstances.. kinda.

well atleast the feeling is almost gone.. i hope.

i figured that whenever myself in such a mood i have this kind of habit. i really love to make a fool of myself. so that people around me highlighting my friends, would be laughing at me or making any harsh statement so i can reply to them. at the same time, automatically i will be distracted from the uneasy feeling that i hate to handle long time.

so. what i just did.

uploading my 'comel gila' picture on my facebook, singing off key direct to my friend's ear, dancing topless and other shameful things.. what would be expected from these are clear. sure they will comment the picture "comel gila!" or "wtf?" or whatever bad. and surely my friend will land a punch or some kicks to my precious body for being annoying.

and this is what we see it as publicity, or seeking attention whatever. thats my definition of attention whore. i'll do something crazy whenever i feel bad, mad, sad or anything but positive.

and to make a point, i'm not that kinda person in normal day. i would never do such thing. cause its soo not cool and shamefull. i'm a kinda guy that always sitting in the back. standing off the spot light. low profile. especially in front of the girls. yeah...girls. they freaked me out. im a shy person u know..comel kan?



the reason i have this feeling tonight also because of a girl..

oh shit. i remembered.

fuck im pissed off.

ok. nak pergi overnite. esok pagi ade midterm. isn't that crazy? heh!