Apr 7, 2009

Playing With HDR 001

salam semua

yes. as told from the title. me are now officially an photo editor! NOT! lol. managed to play with my friend's camera, Nikon D90 and testing with HDR. still getting used of it and haven't found my own style of editing yet. but nevertheless, enjoy! :)

Zarif, with his hao liao pose.

the ladies~

damn we're so cool

this is imankong, a.ka craig david, tapi bila pakai spec hitam, just call him hancock

right click, open new tab for hao liao view

"stalker2 I, kalau nak amek gamba buleh, tapi buat santapan y'all sorang2 dlm bilik yew, jangan dijual2" - apon

"sementare aku tak label gamba2 aku lagi, baek korang jual cepat2" - abg awesome

"these pics are faking asam! fuckin proud of you son!" - bapak dolah