Dec 5, 2008

Me Joking Around

I can almost imagine Ben Stiller calling up the who's who for his movie Tropic Thunder

Ben : Robert, your are the hottest thing on the planet right now next to Heath Ledger, but he's dead. Can you play yourself in my new movie?

Robert Downey Jr : I dont wanna play myself. No challenge, nah. I wanna play Michael Jackson, the reverse Michael Jackson. I will dye my skin black. Fuckin brilliant idea, isn't it?

Ben : OK, you're on.Jack, i want you to play yourself.

Jack Black : I always play myself, Ben. This is me! Demi Levato?hellooo. - didnt you recognise me in my latest movie as a panda? Nah, i want to do this guy who's a cross between me, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. They're always doing fart jokes. Im always doing fat jokes, see, because of the obvious, but all i really want to do is fart jokes.

Ben ; Ok. you're on. Keanu, i want you to play yourself.

Keanu Reeves : kejadah ko layan Demi Levato jack?? No way ben..

Ben : yes way. ok if you dont want to be in my movie, you dont mind if i parody you, right? im gonna play you myself as this aging action superstar who's over 40 and all alone and whose last few movie were flops and who's only ever wanted to get an oscar but but doesnt know anything about acting.

Keanu : you wont be saying that about me when you see my new movie called The Day The Earth Stood Still (citer ni gempak wo!) where i play this emotionless, stone faced alien who speaks in a monotone thats completely different from anything ive ever done in my life. haha! but anyway kiss your own ass

Ben : ok. done. now all i need is Tom Kurus. Tom, you need this man. your career is on the flop. i want you to play a fat,balding, high temper studio producer who can rap.

Tom : Ok, but only because it reminds me so much of myself. the rapping part, i mean.

Ben : way to go, ive got a movie. lets roll! lets booty sweat! uh, i like this part. booty sweat!(think for a while..) no way i can put angelina in this. movie's set in vietnam she would want to adopt all the kids in the village.

faham? XD