Nov 19, 2008

George, The Fag

Salam alaik~

The intention of me for writing in english because I have an assignment which cost me to make a journal for 15 pages. apakah? So i just want to recondition my grammar skills until(l) [double L, or one?] the time comes when I have to start the journal. The pass up date is next year. I guess there is plenty of time for me to think what topic I'll be writing about for the journal.

This post is due to the request from Iman_Shafi, my classmate who wants me to share my scary experience that I had. Iman_Shafi is not her real name and I'm not gonna tell you. But, since I describe the person as 'her' so you should have a clue.

Ok, this story happened when I was...hurm...heh...a...actually, I never had such a scary experience from the start! So I think I just have to make one. ngehe

Ok, here goes.

Long time a district land, lives a happy family who become not so happy due to a borned child, no, baby. Child? Whatever. Named.. George W. Bushes. As he grow, he have an almost perfect appearance - shiny blue eyes, nice shape of body, 6-packs, with a perfect-amount-of-hair-leg. tidak jarang tidak lebat.. yeah, you read me.

The reason for the family become unhappy bacause, although George have all of what men wants, but he's a fag! the story begins with a sacred awesome classic title, "George The Fag".

Lets just skip to the scary part, shall we?


He run as might as he could, he did a kong, dash and also kash. Sometimes if he thinks he had a little of momentum, he'll do a frontflip! But frontflip is not helping him in order to running away from the ghost. So he don't do it a lot. Then he found an old house. Decision have been made. He hide in the house, at the back of a big box, for details. In silent loud beating of his heart, he swearing in his mind.

"You've killed my mother,my father, my fuckin* family! You broke my favourite dildo! Now you want to kill me? Why??"

The ghost entered the house. With long unrebonding hair, with an ugly face, un-clorox blouse..the ghost flew all over the place.

"teheee~teheee~ imma keeeel you" with a nigga accent.

George brave himself, fronting the ghost. With all of his might, he kick the ghost. But the kick just wont hit the ghost. He can't touch the ghost!

"tehee~tehee~ you can't touch me, but i can touch you! how cool is that huh?!" again, with nigga accent the ghost screamed.

The fag George is threaten. And suddenly, a big fat ugly monster appeared.

"What are you doing to her!!" Shout the monster, with.. what we call, time-for-hero-to-save-the-day tone.

" 'Her??' this is 'him'!" told the ghost. "He's a fag!" plus.

"What theff..? I thaught you are a girl! Sorry, even if i save you, i cannot bang boom you. We are not meant together, this is not my scene.Bon Voyage~" told the fugly monster as he left.

"What?? even if I am a gay, I wont suck your iguana! You fuck fugly ogre!" told George, the fag with high pitch of a dissapointed voice.

Then? Long story short, the ghost killed her. I mean, him.

Moral of the story = Please, don't be a fag!

What am I doing actually? This is not scary, this is lame! Fuck the journal, imma copy paste from the internet. muahahaha!!!