Sep 20, 2010

Cuti Is Laif!

salam semua

got nothin better to do, so what the heck, updating my current life :)

its been a long time i havent had this feeling. a feeling that makes me happy, free, excited and makes me think about the possibilities of tomorrow. yes, the feeling of having a looong time of semester break! faking asam!!!!!! :D

it's already been about 2 weeks i enjoyed my free times and im fuckin love it. doing what i've always love and wanted to do, parkour,futsal, hanging out with my best friends, meeting old friends, eating lot of foods, buncitkan perut, kecikkan perut, jadi rempit, gurau2 dengan mamak, jadi budak comel mintak duit raye and every unlisted things that i refer as LIFE. mehehe. :3

and the best thing is, me still got plenty of time to keep enjoying this awesome moment for about 1 month. yeah! for such a long dick time my college have suffered myself, its about time they making up to meh!

but, in this mean time, i've still got things to be considered. 3 things actually.

- my website project.
- industrial training.

so about the webby thingy, while i'm typing this i'm currently downloading adobe flash cs5 and at the same time uploading the file to be mail to qiddis and others who want to see the flash thingy. so i think i should have about 4,5 days plenty enough to complete and upload it to the server. well i really need their help in uploading the shit. cause i only know how to design only :/ . haha.

about the MUET, i've just been alerted yesterday. haha. i almost forgot about it, and i checked, the first speaking test will be held on.....urm...bile r..? 11 or 13 of october some sort lika dat. haha. well i've started my training by starting thinkin in english and right now my typing also in english. u england is fuckin number one riteeeeee? hahaha :P

and the industrial training pulak....hurm. kena sms pn Farhana for the confirmation dapat ke tak practical dekat UniKL tuh...haih~

so! thats about it. the important littlest things in my current life. :3 now, let the pictures do the talk!! :D

thanks iyan for the hospitality. her house so nais!

fud bajet dia ringan sampai terbang, kitorang layan jek

these girls are cute cute :3

juara of the day. layang-layang paling tinggi!

MASIF 2010 4 days performance :D

i love doin this simple shit :P

first time backflip atas tuh. talkin about adrenaline..:D

curi tulang :3

followers2 blog abg key. haha! joke2~

sesat cari surau!

cuti is life!

still don't have the mood to write for the soul