Feb 1, 2010

English in Nihongo is Ingerisu

ho em gee! my inglish post only 4 got??

me getingue suck in england! luk, even my sepell is rongggg....

wuuu...fainal is getingue closest, and i cannot even sepell sepelll...

i want Cikgu Fatimi from amirs belog....pliz taught me inglist...wuuu..

u noe wai this is happening to me, becoz my inglish lekchurer never caming in our klas. she so noob. i tink she only caming 4 out of 30 klas. suck isenit..? weel, fak dat old ladey, him sucketh inglish more than mee, i am gooder inglish than her...bekos i hav goodest pronausyiasiasyen in de celas..

ai am so koool